Stochastic Divergence (TOS Mobile App Compatible!)

Stochastic Divergence (TOS Mobile App Compatible!)

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This package includes two custom ThinkOrSwim studies for Stochastic Divergence. This indicator is used to determine the divergence between the Full Stochastic D and price. When the stochastic makes a lower low and price makes a higher low, this is known as a divergence. These divergences can be used to signal price reversals. Chart indicator also works on ThinkOrSwim mobile app!



  • Their are four indications (Bull Divergence, Bull Continuation, Bear Divergence, Bear Continuation) and the arrow colors can all be customized.
  • This package includes two ThinkOrSwim indicators, one for the chart and the other as a lower study.
  • This indicator works across all securities.
  • The Stochastic is customizable for
    • Fast K
    • Fast D
    • Slow K
    • Slow D
    • Over sold
    • Over bought
    • Alerts on
  • The slow K plot is available to show the long term trend.


    Indicators are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

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