Index Option Volume (Bullish and Bearish)
  • Index Option Volume (Bullish and Bearish)

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    This package includes a custom ThinkOrSwim study for Index Option Volume. This study works on the following indexes (S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones and Russell). This indicator plots the bullish and bearish option volume for up to five weekly option contracts and two quarterly option contracts per bar. Bullish volume is defined as buying calls and selling puts. Bearish volume is defined as buying puts and selling calls. The volumes plotted are for the current ITM contract for each option as well as the surrounding user chosen number of contracts up and down. Volumes above a user chosen amount are highlighted in bright green (bullish) or bright red (bearish).



    • This indicator works on the SPX, NDX, DJX and RUT.
    • This indicator is complex and its loading time is dependent on your computer and the options selected.
    • Customizations include
      • Up to 7 different option contracts of an index
      • Increment between option contracts strikes
      • Number of strikes in either direction
      • Plot bullish only, bearish only or both
      • Tolerance level is to distinguish elevated volume
      • Alerts are included!
    • Instructions will be provided.


    Check out our YouTube video with examples for more information:


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